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Authentic, Old World Style Yogurt

The nutritional contents of food are held up as its defining attributes, the scientifically verifiable and quantifiable, what we should be using food for. We are told to seek out or reduce calories, protein, fat, sugars, and certain vitamins and minerals in order to attain a state of good health. The nutrients have also been linked to the support of bodily functions, our organs, glands, the immune system, the regenerative system, and our blood. This has all been scientifically proven - but when was the last time you ate food that actually made you feel good as you were eating it and was supposedly good for you?

Yes, our yogurt has a high probiotic count. It is made with a dairy product high in protein and calcium. It has no chemicals, preservatives, or texture modifiers added to it; has a traditional tart taste; and is packed in glass. Science has shown that yogurt supports the immune system and overall gut health. In this way we try to describe our yogurt by comparing it to other yogurts, by illuminating it with generally accepted quantifiable attributes.

But it's the unquantifiable that makes our yogurt truly attractive and unique, that makes our consumers fall in love with it, and enjoy it so much. Their body craves it. It reminds them of home. It reminds their body of what real, gut satisfying, health supporting food tastes and feels like when it goes down. Not just in their mouth, but in their gut.

Yogurt is not just milk with live culture added to it, and White Mountain yogurt is not just any yogurt. When the culture is allowed to work on the milk for an extended period of time and allowed to become true old world style yogurt, the result is much greater than the sum of its parts.

Our yogurt is appreciated by what we call our "rabid consumers" (those who seek to infect others with the White Mountain Yogurt bug) because of its unquantifiable attributes. It simply makes them feel good.

Introduction: Who We Are

Hello, my name is Jeff Murray, and I am the owner and CEO of our thirty-six-year-old family business, White Mountain Foods. Based in Austin, Texas, we manufacture and distribute Bulgarian yogurt and vegan, meat-alternative health food products. The yogurt is distributed nationally and the vegan products are available in the Texas/Southwest region. 

My relationship with White Mountain Foods started in 1997. During my time here, I’ve discovered that the founder, Reed Murray (my brother) , our customers, and I share a common philosophy: human beings first, business and profit second.

Our food philosophy can be traced back to the early 1960s, when my parents (who both grew up on farms) decided to try eating healthier in hopes of avoiding the cardiovascular disease that had killed several of my paternal relatives at a young age. Influenced by information from the Framingham Heart Study, which they read about in Reader’s Digest, my parents gradually eliminated many harmful foods and introduced us to the concept of food as medicine.

That concept of food as medicine grew to become my life’s passion. I have experimented with food and the environment’s effects on my body and those around me for over forty-five years. I have discovered that all the harmful substances we ingest or subject ourselves to have definable effects on our bodies and minds that can develop into life-threatening disease or mental instability.

Producing wholesome, additive-free foods that support health is the best way I know to make a difference. Accomplishing that goal begins with providing our employees with a healthy, enjoyable, safe, and supportive work environment. That atmosphere of support directly transfers to our products. Our products are and will always be made with one thing in mind: the health and support of our customers and our environment.

In the future I will use this page to share some of my thoughts and experiences about food and its relationship to our mental and physical health.  

It is my hope that our products and my experiences can make a positive contribution to your life.

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