Monday, August 18, 2014

Bulgarian vs. Greek Yogurt.

Greek yogurt has taken off, practically overnight. Many people enjoy it for its thick, rich, and creamy texture. Most brands add sweetener but traditional Greek yogurt is used in Greek, Lebanese, and Mediterranean dishes and does not contain added sugar. To achieve that thick consistency, most companies use artificial means such as added thickeners and pectin while others (White Mountain Foods) go about it the old-fashioned, steering clear of added pectin and artificial thickeners.     

Bulgarian yogurt, in contrast, is also creamy in taste yet it is not as thick as Greek yogurt and contains the Bulgaricus strand of live culture which originated in Bulgaria. The Bulgaricus strand combined with Acidophilous, Thermophilous & Bifidum is the most beneficial in supporting one's health.   

In Bulgaria, yogurt is a staple food. Bulgarians consume it like ketchup and eggs in the US and use it for everyday cooking. Additionally,  Europeans understand the power of good bacteria, known as probiotics. They believe that these powerful microbes are essential for supporting one's digestive system, increasing vitality, and flushing out bad bacteria from the body therefore supporting the immune system.

White Mountain Foods' Bulgarian Yogurt is made with either Non-Fat or Whole Milk. We also offer a USDA Certified Organic version. It is simply milk and culture with over 90 billion probiotics per 8 ounce serving, the highest probiotic count of any yogurt on the market (Bulgarian or otherwise). Traditional in style, there is no added sugar and it has a distinct tart flavor. For those of us that are used to the sweet taste of flavored yogurt in the morning, a little honey, agave nectar and/or fresh berries will give you that sweetness you crave, naturally. 

Stay tuned as we will have a new Greek Yogurt line for sale at grocery stores and natural food markets soon. Presently, restaurants around the Austin area carry our bulk version so you may have already tried it and didn't even know it.