Sunday, September 27, 2015

Don't Toss That Sour Milk! And Other Tips To Cut Kitchen Food Waste

Check out this NPR video to see how chef Dan Barber was able to use food that would normally be thrown out in tasty dishes that he served to his restaurant guests. His intent was to raise awareness about the major food waste in the United States every year. NPR estimated a 133 billion pounds of food that is wasted each year, as well as that the typical American family tosses out about $1,500 of food yearly. This wasted food is the largest component of solid waste in our landfills and can even contribute to the climate change with the methane that is emitted when it begins to rot.

To check out ways to reduce waste in your own kitchen, read the article that goes along with the NPR video. You may find it's easier than you think with these simple tips.