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The White Mountain Foods Vegan Product Store!

We just opened our new vegan products store right here on the premises of our plant in East Austin at 3301 East 5th St. Business hours are 7am-4pm, Monday thru Friday. Come by for a free taste and chance to score some free samples of our amazing vegan products - and buy all you want! Call: 512-385-4711 Email:

Delicious Flavor, Rich Texture
We began making our vegan products in 1982 with an eye towards vegan beginners and folks wanting to reduce their cholesterol and fat intake for medical reasons. Having been vegetarians since the 1970’s , we realized the importance of providing our consumers with products that had the same taste and textures of the traditional animal based foods so that their transition to a different way of eating would be easy and enjoyable.

Our vegan line of hearty, fully-cooked seitan products were specifically created to provide a beef or steak-like texture, flavor, and gut satisfying experience for those moving from a meat-based diet to a vegetarian or vegan diet. Visit our recipe page for ideas on how to use these products to create meals you might have thought were unavailable to the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, such as morning sausages, lasagna, chili, fajita, barbecue sandwich, taco, burger, or a good old-fashioned hoagie!

You can find more information about our vegan products here.

Vegan Tamales - Traditional and Sweet Potato Pecan

Vegan No-Meata Fajitas 

Vegan Chorizo

Vegan No-Egg Tofu Salad

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